Executive Management Team
Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands, Inc.

“ Without organization and leadership towards a realistic goal, there is no chance of realizing more than a small percentage of our potential market share in the food industry. You don’t win with computers or slick short-term marketing schemes. You WIN with good, talented people and an efficient organized operation. This is our formula for success. Here are just a few of our important Alliance Partners and Good, Talented People.”

  • Lloyd Price – Founder of Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands, Inc., our Chairman of the Board, CEO & President brings 50 years of business experience to the company, along with his two powerful Icon Brands which have millions of loyal fans attached. To Read His Bio Click Here.
  • Bill Waller – Co-Founder of Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands, Inc., our Chief Operating Officer & Licensing Director has over 30 years of Savvy Business Experience with an outstanding track record of accomplishments working with Legends & Icons. Read His Bio. Click Here.